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TRIO has a commitment to community service! This entire school year we will be serving on Largo-Tibet Elementary. Our TRIO SSS Program has adopted Largo-Tibet Elementary and we are committed to providing our support and services to them. Largo-Tibet has lots of events coming up and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

Volunteers for Board Game Day will be stationed at an area and will help students play whatever game is set up. Games are like jenga, connect 4, break the ice, etc. Very easy and fun!

All volunteers should sign in at the office.

If you would like to be a volunteer in the public schools starting Friday, January 31, sign up by Monday, January 20, but please don't wait until that day to sign up. After you sign up in myinvolvement

click on the link below to complete your volunteer paperwork and get a background check. Anyone volunteering in the public schools MUST have a background check.

Follow this link to complete the volunteer app and the background check paperwork:

I am also providing an animated video of the App-Garden Tracker Registration process for your viewing. You will find the link works best when using a laptop or desktop computer with web browser Firefox or Chrome.

Click on volunteer tracker registration/application (blue)Create an account(green button) or Sign in (if you’ve done this process) and complete the app.If new, once you click on this link for verification it will redirect you back to the app-garden log in page.Required sections have an asterisk (*). In section: Indicate your volunteer service affiliations check TRIO-Student Support Services, if it is listed.In section:Volunteer Location Selections make sure you select Largo-Tibet Elementary and Windsor Forest Elementary. You may indicate a third choice if you’d like.In the section,activities for which you wish to volunteer Indicate:“Reading Buddy”! This application does not limit you to volunteering when TRIO volunteers so you may indicate other choices to volunteer on your own.You have to enter in your SSN for the background check to be completed

Friday, January 31 at 10:00am to 3:00pm

Largo-Tibet Elementary

Event Type

Outreach / Community Education


Armstrong Campus



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