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Student Readiness: Returning to Campus

BADGE: Professional Planning and Growth

Facilitators: Judy Orton Grissett, Georgia Southwestern University Susan Hrach, Columbus State University Josie Baudier, Georgia Highlands College

Calling together a class of learners to meet physically should mean offering them a valuable experience. How can we maximize the impact of our time together in person? Also, how can we acknowledge and overcome students’ (and maybe our own) resistance to return to class? In this webinar, participants will reflect and draw upon lessons and knowledge gained during the shift to remote learning, including an increased focus on emotional well-being. We will recommend evidence-based strategies for the return to class that respect the expense of time and energy needed, for both students and faculty.


Tuesday, June 22 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Armstrong Campus, Statesboro Campus, Liberty Campus


Centers for Teaching Excellence


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