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This is a past event.

OSA | SOLD: Navigating Difficulties: Strategies for Effective Conflict Resolution

The SOLD Workshop Series is designed for any student seeking to develop their individual leadership capabilities and for students who currently or aspire to hold a leadership position within a student organization. This series is an excellent way for student organizations to train their next leaders.

This workshop will be presented by Taylor Elkins in Student Conduct & Assistant Dean of Student Care & Community Standards, Catherine Muse Walden. This workshop will Define conflict and conflict management, Identify the basic principles of the Dual Concern Model and its relevance in conflict management, Define five conflict management styles, and describe how they can be used in various situations. It will also cover communication, active listening, and empathy-building strategies.

*4 Wings points will be awarded to organizations for attending, must have 2 members from org attend for max points

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 5:30pm

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