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Motivation and Gamification

BADGE: Evidence-Based Teaching

Facilitators: Jeff Mastromonico and Lynsey Steinberg, Augusta University

Create engagement through gamification in a manner consistent with cognitive and motivational science. Long Gamification is a new term associated with increased motivation to learn and based on the cognitive research behind psychology. Through Gamification, our purpose is to utilize game mechanics (points, badges, teamwork, leaderboards, etc) and enable learners to be inspired to extrinsically learn the material. The purpose is not to make a ‘game’ but to engage students through the science of motivation. This webinar will discuss what gamification is, why game mechanics are engaging, and how to apply these concepts in a learning environment. Through implementation of gamification, these techniques and components can be adapted to current teaching practices to benefit our students.


Wednesday, July 7 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Armstrong Campus, Statesboro Campus, Liberty Campus


Centers for Teaching Excellence


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