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Mapping with Jamboard

BADGE: Teaching with Technology

Facilitators: Melissa Gayan, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Dr. Lauren Barbeau, Faculty Developer, Center for Teaching Excellence

Have you ever wondered how much students understood and retained from visuals you use in class? There is an app to help with that, Google’s Jamboard. This workshop will demonstrate a method of maximizing your ability to explain a map, chart, graph, etc. in a combination of ways: visually, audibly, and with annotation (and it’s collaborative too)! This workshop will introduce you to the benefits of using Jamboard with visuals, demonstrate how to use it through examples, and discussion of how you might use this technique for your classes. This workshop will not teach you how to use Jamboard.


Thursday, September 24 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Virtual Event
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Conferences and Workshops


Armstrong Campus, Statesboro Campus, Liberty Campus


Centers for Teaching Excellence


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