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Hispanic Heritage Display Contest (Contest Sign-Up Opens)

To participate, submit an original tri-fold poster to the OMA within the contest period. Each poster must include information about a Hispanic country's people, geography, location, economy, music and food; posters should also include color photos of famous places, and facts about the featured country. The contest is limited to 15 participants , who will be provided with tri-fold poster boards, glue sticks, border, and board paper (upon availblity). A panel of three judges will rank the entries based on content, creavtivity and design, with the three highest scoring posters taking home a proze (1st Place: $100 gift card, 2nd Place: $75 gift card, 3rd Place: $50 gift card). Winners will be announced during another event where the entries will be displayed. 

Monday, September 24, 2018


Statesboro Campus


Multicultural Affairs


Latino Heritage Month


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