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DOD Cyber Scholarship Program

The Georgia Southern University Center for Applied Cyber Education is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Scholarship Program (CySP). The DoD will provide grants to the university that CACE will facilitate. These scholarships are not directly provided by CACE.

The DoD estimates awarding scholarships (via grant awards) for a period of one year (beginning with the fall 2019 semester) to designated CAEs (Georgia Southern University). Students selected as Cyber Scholars will receive the full cost of tuition, books (from the institution/degree specific required book list, not books which are optional for the class), required fees (including health care), and a stipend to cover room and board. $25,000 for undergraduate students and $30,000 for graduate (Master’s/PhD) students. Awards will be made via a grant to the CAE (Georgia Southern University).

Selecting agencies will also provide sponsors who will maintain contact with the student during the scholarship period, and who will facilitate the student’s entry into internships, if applicable, and eventually into DoD employment. 

Contingent on adequate funding appropriations, returning students will be required to re-apply each year by submitting the entire student application, one copy of their official transcripts, reflecting maintenance of the required grade point average and an endorsement/ recommendation letter from the Principal Investigator.

Recipients are expected to accept an offer of employment with a government agency or office after graduation.

Monday, February 11

Center for Applied Cyber Education, 206 Solms Hall, Armstrong Campus

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