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Addressing Challenging Student Situations

BADGE: Professional Planning and Growth

Facilitators: Dr. Mark Taracuk, Counseling Center, Dr. Lauren Barbeau, Faculty Developer, Center for Teaching Excellence

While students are here to learn, situations arise in which they are resistant to feedback, let their ego get in the way, or have high levels of overconfidence. There might be students that no one wants to work with or are even hostile. How do instructors handle these situations? In this presentation, we will discuss ways to address challenging student situations. We will cover how to give tiered-levels of feedback, communicate effectively, incorporate assertiveness into your conversations, help students engage in positive transformation, and help students engage in self-reflection.


Thursday, July 9 at 9:00am to 10:00am

Virtual Event
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Conferences and Workshops


Armstrong Campus, Statesboro Campus, Liberty Campus


Centers for Teaching Excellence


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