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Sunday, September 25

Georgia's Open History Library

The Georgia Open History Library (GOHL) traveling exhibit will be on display at Zach S. Henderson Library on the Statesboro Campus from Sept. 12 to 26. GOHL...

Climb El Capitan

At Yosemite National park in California, El Capitan rests as the largest monolithic rock formation in the United States and is one of the world’s most...

Fitness Bingo

Join us this semester at our group fitness classes! Log your progress on your BINGO card and earn prizes! Register for your classes at

Swim The Sunbelt

Swim the Sun Belt is a swimming program designed to get participants into shape by combining their love for football with swimming. It’s as easy as...

Georgia Southern Museum at Savannah Comic Con

The Georgia Southern Museum will be an exhibitor at the Savannah Comic Con this year! While you're enjoying the con, come say hi to our paleontologists and...

Sunday, September 25