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Tuesday, November 29

Holiday Helper Tree 2022

You’re invited to be a part of Georgia Southern’s 29th annual Holiday Helper Tree! The Holiday Helper Tree is a Georgia Southern tradition, and this year we...

Virtual Event
Climb El Capitan

At Yosemite National park in California, El Capitan rests as the largest monolithic rock formation in the United States and is one of the world’s most...

Swim The Sunbelt

Swim the Sun Belt is a swimming program designed to get participants into shape by combining their love for football with swimming. It’s as easy as...

COE GUS  graphic

featuring Drs. Chelda Smith and Meca Williams-Johnson.

Virtual Event
Wexford Study Abroad Program Info Table

Want to study at Georgia Southern's new campus in Wexford, Ireland this summer? Come by and find out about our multiple courses and programs during...

Young Stroke Survivors Support Group

A weekly supportive meeting for indviduals under the age of 60 who have experienced a stroke. Weekly discussions and activities may vary and may include...

Creative Writing Group

A weekly supportive group for stroke survivors, focused on improving writing and language difficulties through a variety of functional activities. Sessions...

Tuesday, November 29