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Wednesday, April 7

LABC 4: Civil Rights Law (On-Demand)

Beginning Monday, March 15, the Office of Legal Affairs Professional Development webpage will feature one pre-recorded Zoom session per week for seven weeks...

Virtual Event

The research is out, and meditation has shown to have huge psychological and emotional benefits. Each session will include use of breathing techniques, a...

Virtual Event
Public Health Grand Round Seminar: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Holly Sienkiewicz, DrPH will present: Exploring COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and access challenges in western New York

Virtual Event
LGBTQ+ Campus Forum

LGBTQ+ Campus Forum provides a venue for students to connect and discuss experiences as gender and sexual minority students at Georgia Southern University....

Virtual Event
Emotional Wisdom

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression and would benefit from learning or reviewing emotional wisdom such as relaxation, mindfulness,...

Virtual Event
We're Rooting For You

Been cooped up because of the pandemic? Come to this physically distanced group on Sweetheart Circle. Each week we will focus on mediations, practices,...

Rethinking Africa in World History

Dr. Reynold's discussion will examine misconceptions long held by many Western Historians about history in Africa and how the continent became an important...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, April 7