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Wednesday, January 20

Fitness - Small Group Training Session 3

Group training program that offers unique training styles in a setting that allows adequate attention to each individual.

Jen Small, "Inaugural Walk," acrylic and spray on canvas, 33x24, 2020

Mode/Code is an exhibition of contemporary approaches to art, idea, and meaning. Featuring work by emerging artists Trish Andersen, Andrea Caretto, Will...


The research is out, and meditation has shown to have huge psychological and emotional benefits. Each session will include use of breathing techniques, a...

Virtual Event
Virtual Résumé Boot Camp

Virtual Résumé Boot Camp: Come have your résumé created or critiqued by one of our résumé experts. This is a virtual event, please register on Handshake.

Virtual Event
LGBTQ+ Campus Forum

LGBTQ+ Campus Forum provides a venue for students to connect and discuss experiences as gender and sexual minority students at Georgia Southern University....

Virtual Event
Emotional Wisdom

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression and would benefit from learning or reviewing emotional wisdom such as relaxation, mindfulness,...

Virtual Event
Pistol Cleaning Course

The pistol cleaning class is designed for anyone wishing to learn more about how their firearm operates.

Basic Belay Clinic

Southern Adventures offers this clinic is aimed ot succinctly teach top rope belaying skills.

Southern Adventure Basic Belay Clinic

This clinic is aimed to succinctly teach top rope belaying skills. These skills only certify you to belay at the RAC climbing wall, but will transfer also to...

Wednesday, January 20