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Tuesday, January 19

Fitness - Small Group Training Session 3

Group training program that offers unique training styles in a setting that allows adequate attention to each individual.

Intramural - Bowling - Registration Open

Registration open - Each 4-person team will compete in one Open league. Pool play followed by a single-elimination tournament.

Intramural - Esports - Registration Open

Registration open - Fortnite Duos and Rocket League 2v2. 3 week league followed by a two week playoff.

Virtual Event
Intramural - Pickleball Doubles - Registration Open

Registration open - Pickleball is a 3 week regular season followed by a two week single elimination playoff tournament.

Jen Small, "Inaugural Walk," acrylic and spray on canvas, 33x24, 2020

Mode/Code is an exhibition of contemporary approaches to art, idea, and meaning. Featuring work by emerging artists Trish Andersen, Andrea Caretto, Will...

Take-Away Tuesdays

BADGE: Teaching with Technology Facilitator: Julie Carter, Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching Excellence This workshop will focus on...

Virtual Event
Dissertation Defense: Melicent Miller

DrPH Candidate: Melicent Miller, Public Health Leadership Title: Identifying Strategies to Increase the Recruitment and Retention of Minority Males in the...

Virtual Event

Tuesday, January 19