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Thursday, January 14

Fitness - Small Group Training Session 3

Group training program that offers unique training styles in a setting that allows adequate attention to each individual.

Intramural - Bowling - Registration Open

Registration open - Each 4-person team will compete in one Open league. Pool play followed by a single-elimination tournament.

Intramural - Esports - Registration Open

Registration open - Fortnite Duos and Rocket League 2v2. 3 week league followed by a two week playoff.

Virtual Event
Intramural - Pickleball Doubles - Registration Open

Registration open - Pickleball is a 3 week regular season followed by a two week single elimination playoff tournament.

Jen Small, "Inaugural Walk," acrylic and spray on canvas, 33x24, 2020

Mode/Code is an exhibition of contemporary approaches to art, idea, and meaning. Featuring work by emerging artists Trish Andersen, Andrea Caretto, Will...

Dietetic Internship Program Open House

Are you interested in learning more about Georgia Southern University's Dietetic Internship program? Join the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology...

Virtual Event
Bike Maintenance 101 Clinic

This introductory clinic will teach you how to rebuild essential bicycle components and perform more advanced repairs.

Thursday, January 14