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Wednesday, May 29

Folio - Kaltura Capture

Video presentations, lab demos, video feedback, an interactive quizzing tool and more--this integration is easy to use.

Serve912 Food Bank Trip

Volunteers help with inventory, organize donations, pack food items for distribution, and help to prepare Rebecca's Cafe to serve the community! Volunteers...

Google Meets & WebEx

Do you have an upcoming group project? Are you taking a completely online course and are looking for ways to connect with your instructor and peers? You are...

SAT Prep for Math

This summer course focuses on thinking strategies and skill development needed for maximizing scores on the math portion of the SAT. We will review the use...

SAT Prep for Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

This condensed series focuses on strategies used in active reading that pertains specifically to the SAT and addresses writing strategies used on possible...

Wednesday, May 29