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Tuesday, December 4

Antique Chinese Art Collection on Display

This Chinese Antique Collection is donated to the University Libraries by Karl E. Peace,Ph.D. Georgia Cancer Coalition, distinguished Cancer Biostatistician,...

Certified Ethical Hacker Course

In collaboration with our training partner, Cyberworld Institute, Center for Aplied Cyber Education brings you the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)...

International Journeys

Save the Date: Our next International Journeys at the Library will take place Jan. 30 from 12 to 1 p.m. Speaker to be announced. Bring your own lunch.

University Store Textbook Buyback

Sell your books back to the University Store to get easy $$$ and coupons! Just stop by one of our convenient buyback locations at Centennial Place, the...

Intro to Qualtrics

Join this Qualtrics Introduction Session on how to access and set up a survey. Students, faculty and staff welcome.

Stress Less Wagon

Research shows that taking study breaks can lead to increased retention. During midterm and final exam weeks, the Stress Less Wagon makes its way around the...

Tuesday, December 4