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Summer Camps at Georgia Southern

At Georgia Southern University, summer camps are not only an extension of our mission to provide practical hands-on learning for our students, they’re also a lot of fun! Our half- and full-day camps encourage your children to explore their current interests or try something completely new. We have a wide range of activities to choose from, with several classes designed for children and teens. At summer camp, your children will not only spend educational time away from home, unplugged from video games and television, they will also experience a wealth of developmental benefits. Child development experts say kids in summer camp:

  • learn new social skills in community
  • make new friends with similar interests
  • learn teamwork and resiliency
  • gain confidence and self-esteem as they master new skills

Below is a link current listings for 2017 summer camps at Georgia Southern. Click each camp link for more information about cost and registration.

Friday, June 2, 2017



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